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Alibaba Unveils Self-Designed AI Chip, Expands Its Footprint in Cloud Computing

Alibaba revealed on Wednesday its own AI chip known as the Hanguang 800. Alibaba engineered the homegrown neural processing unit (NPU) for deep learning inference projects. Alibaba claims it delivers a significant enhancement in energy performance. It says one-tenth the hardware is needed comparing to CPUs and GPUs, and that the chip reduces power consumption by more tham 50%. The tech ginat additionally claims that latency is cut in half.

The Hanguang 800 is presently being used by Alibaba for product search, computerized translation, and personalized suggestions. As one instance, Alibaba stated the chip may carry out a certain workload related to its visible search engine that used to take hours in simply around five minutes.

Alibaba’s has been increasing beyond its e-commerce enterprise to cloud computing as well. In the last quarter, that enterprise generated $1.13 billion in revenue.

Besides, on Wednesday, Intel declared that Intel and Alibaba Cloud had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work collectively on technology for the Olympic Games in 2020 and 2022. Earlier in September, Intel unveiled that an Alibaba data facility would power its 3DAT technology that can be utilized in 2020.

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