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AMD Confirms Zen 3 Processor’s Compatibility on X570, B550 Motherboards

AMD revealed extra data on the funds B550 chipset immediately. Within the course of, the chipmaker confirmed that when its CPUs based mostly on the Zen 3 microarchitecture arrive, they’ll work flawlessly on X570 and B550 motherboards with a simple firmware update.

AMD Confirms Zen 3 Processor’s Compatibility on X570, B550 Motherboards

The B550 chipset will be consumers’ cheapest ticket to PCIe 4.0. The motherboards will bring PCIe 4.Zero performance where it matters most, on the primary PCIe slot and an M.2 slot. The current AMD Ryzen 3000-series desktop CPUs ship as much as 20 usable PCIe 4.0 lanes (16 for the GPU and four for NVMe), to allow them to directly feed the PCIe and M.2 slot on B550 motherboards.

Nonetheless, partial PCIe 4.0 help is not the only novelty with the new B550 chipset, whereas the prior AMD 400-series chipsets provided sluggish PCIe 2.Zero general purpose lanes, the B550 chipset ushers in PCIe 3.0. That is not as fast as PCIe 4.0 on the X570 chipset, but it surely’s still a step up from the prior technology of chipsets.

The B550 chipset helps dual-GPU configurations, a characteristic that was beforehand limited to AMD’s X470 and X570 motherboards. Basically, the chipmaker now permits motherboard vendors to separate the single PCIe x16 link into two x16 (electrically wired x8) slots.

When it comes to processor support, the each the X570 and B550 chipset will support AMD’s next-generation Zen 3 processors that may very well be landing around August or September

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