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AMD Navi Reportedly Move to Workstation Graphics Cards

A few of AMDGPU Linux kernel DRM driver patches unveil device IDs for three utterly different workstation graphics cards which are reportedly based on the Navi 14 silicon. Experts first learned about the existence of Navi 14 from a Linux driver again in June. An alleged Navi 14 graphics card with 24 Compute Units and 4GB of memory popped up a month later. Recent sighting is the first time the Navi 14 silicon has been linked to a workstation product.

The outline for the patches shows that the 0x7341, 0x734 and 0x734F machine IDs are for workstation SKUs. Surprisingly, the 0x734F system, in particular, makes reference to WKS SKU Pro-XLM, which was not seen or heard of till today. The Navi 14 die is expected to be the lowest version of the Navi fleet and power AMD’s entry-level products, such as the Radeon RX 5500 or RX 5600 series. Subsequently, it is reasonable to suspect that the three new Navi 14 machine IDs represent budget workstation graphics cards.

Let’s not forget that AMD further has different issues on the horizon for workstation customers to look forward to. The chip manufacturer is reportedly working on Arcturus, which is seemingly turning out to be a Vega-based graphics card potentially engineered on an improved 7nm manufacturing course, perhaps the 7nm+ node.

AMD has been unwittingly feeding data via AMDGPU patches for a while now. Hopefully, the chip manufacturer continues this practice, and it will soon be clear what AMD is planning for the Navi and workstations.

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