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Apple Accuses Google of Stoking Fears Among iPhone Users

Apple isn’t happy about the way Google unveiled a major iPhone security defect recently. Google security researchers uncovered that malicious websites used previously undisclosed security vulnerabilities in iOS to hack into devices over at least two years. While Apple doesn’t dispute the research, the corporate accuses Google of “stoking fear among all iPhone users that their phones had been compromised” because essential particulars were excluded in Google’s blog post.

“The subtle attack was narrowly focused, not a broad-based exploit of iPhones ‘en masse’ as described,” explains Apple. “The strike affected fewer than a dozen websites that concentrate on content associated with the Uighur community.” Subsequent studies have revealed that these websites additionally targeted Windows and Android users; however, Google didn’t detail this facet of the stikes.

Apple fixed the glitches back in February, just ten days after it realized about the safety issues. “When Google informed us, we were already in the course of fixing the exploited defects,” explains Apple. It’s not clear whether Google was aware of the reported attempts to hack Android phones with the same websites or why the corporate didn’t reveal that the general attack was very slender as Apple claims.

“Security is a never-ending journey, and our clients can be confident we are working for them,” says Apple. “Our product security groups around the globe are constantly iterating to introduce new protections and patch vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered.”

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