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Apple Launches 12.4.1 To Fix Shock Security Bug

Apple is anticipated to launch its 2019 iPhones Tuesday, September 10, and the public launch of iOS 13 is expected a couple of days later. However, the company is not yet done with iOS 12 releases.

Recently, Apple has updated iOS to 12.4.1, and the update is now available. Apple has further launched updates to watchOS, tvOS, and macOS.

It’s a patch to fix a vulnerability, one that would have an effect on iPhones, from 5s onwards, iPads courting back to the iPad Air and the iPod contact sixth-gen version.

The vulnerability meant that these gadgets could be open to jailbreaking. And if one’s iPhone can be jailbroken, then it can be hacked, too.

If this glitch sounds acquainted, it’s because this is a matter that was repaired in May with the arrival of iOS 12.3.

However, when the following big release, iOS 12.4, arrived in July, it unintentionally undid the excellent work of 12.3, representing users weak again. The vulnerability was described to Apple by Google, specifically its Project Zero staff.

Apple has admitted the involvement of Project Zero among the launch notes for iOS 12.4.1 and reads “acknowledge @Pwn20wnd for their help”.

This fixture is the only factor detailed in Apple’s security content info for the update, although that doesn’t mean there aren’t different viruses being squished underfoot as well.

Apple shall be hoping there are no different unexpected consequences from this newest update if more wrinkles become evident.

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