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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Defends Encryption, Regardless of Child Safety Concerns

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg defended on Thursday his decision to encrypt social media giant’s messaging services, despite issues about its impact on child exploitation and other felony activity.

The U.S., Britain, and Australia signed an open letter earlier in the day requiring Facebook to drop its encryption plan, saying it would hinder the battle against child abuse and terrorism.

Zuckerberg, talking in a live-stream of the corporate’s weekly inside Q&A session, mentioned he had been conscious of kid exploitation dangers earlier than asserting his encryption plan and acknowledged that it would scale back instruments to struggle the issue.

However, he said he was “optimistic” that Facebook would be capable of establishing predators even in encrypted systems utilizing the same tools it used to combat election interference, like patterns of activity and connections between accounts on different platforms.

Zuckerberg declared his plan to pivot the company toward more personal forms of communication in March, capping months of an internal dispute over the merits of encryption, three sources conversant in the discussions said.

Inside the company, privacy engineers and others wanting to shed the legacy of the Cambridge Analytica scandal saw the step as a success, as did product managers watching the steady uptick of growth at Facebook’s encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp.

The U.S., Britain, and Australia said in their joint letter that they’d worked with Facebook on the issue; however, that the company had not dedicated to addressing their “serious concerns” in regards to the impact of its programs.

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