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Facebook Eliminates Pseudoscience Ad-Targeting Feature

Facebook has deleted “pseudoscience” as a feature for advertisers that want to target audiences, a category available until this week, even as the world’s biggest social media network promised to contain misinformation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook Eliminates Pseudoscience Ad-Targeting Feature

The corporate has also paused the supply of some other interest classes while it evaluates its list, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed in an email after reports found conspiracy theory was no longer an advert-targeting option.

The corporate eliminated the pseudoscience class from its detailed targeting list Wednesday, the spokesperson stated by phone after a report showed that it might promote a post targeting individuals interested in pseudoscience.

The report demonstrated that Facebook was permitting such ads after saying it will police COVID-19 misinformation on its platform. Over 78 million Facebook users had been interested in pseudoscience, it stated, citing Facebook’s advert portal.

Misinformation concerning the pandemic brought on by the novel coronavirus, from bogus cures to wide-ranging conspiracy theories, has additionally unfolded on rival social media platforms such as Twitter Inc and YouTube, the video service of Alphabet’s Google.

Advocacy organization Avaaz reported last week that a pattern of 104 coronavirus-related items of misinformation content on Facebook analyzed by the group had achieved over 117 million estimated views.

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