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IBM Launches New Programs for Quantum Computing Education and Training

IBM Q Friday introduced a new set of features aimed at the training and democratizing of quantum computing. These embrace new educational hardware, a textbook and video tutorial series, and even a college hackathon program.

Big Blue launched the IBM Q Experience quantum cloud platform in 2016, making 5-qubit quantum processors and a simulator available online to the general public. Since then, IBM has made several additions to this system, such as introducing the Qiskit framework to allow users to more write and run code for quantum gadgets in addition to providing a more superior 16-qubit processor. Millions of experiments and simulations were conducted, IBM says.

Devoted to making quantum science and computing even more friendly, IBM is investing in quantum education with the purpose of making more students, educators, developers, and area experts with “quantum ready” skills.

IBM is launching a brand new feature to IBM Q Experience – initially only for members of the IBM Q Community – that will permit users to reserve blocks of continuous-time on an IBM Q system. This will allow educators to schedule a time slot for demonstrations in the classroom. Students, in the meantime, can follow along through the internet browser, so no installations are required.

IBM is also releasing new IBM Q Experience Platforms which are available over the cloud. The brand new 5-qubit quantum computer systems are dedicated to educational training and analysis; however, the firm didn’t elaborate if and how the new programs differ from the earlier ones.

Moreover, IBM has released an open-source textbook ‘Learn Quantum Computation Utilizing Qiskit.’

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