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Intel Admits Losing Market Shares to AMD

Issues have been heating up in the x86 sector for a while now and what seems to be one of many first instances of Intel admitting it lost some market share to AMD have finally happened. Jason Grebe, Corporate Vice President, speaking to an analyst at the Citi Global Tech Conference agreed that Intel had lost some industry share to AMD and marked further difficulties that the company should tackle to maintain its majority share of the industry.

Intel finally mustered up the courage to confess that it had lost share to AMD. It made quite the comeback with its Zen architecture, reversing Intel’s monopoly over the x86 industry and setting off a price battle at a scale no one had seen in the CPU sector since the good old 2000s. It’s evident in hindsight that Intel didn’t expect a comeback quite as robust as the one that happened; however, the good news for Intel fans is that the firm is admitting the misstep and has promised to fix it.

Although Jason didn’t explicitly confirm that the loss in market share was because of AMD, he did admit that the firm lost market share on the cellular side and desktop. AMD’s Zen offerings are providing aggressive performance at a much lower value, and the same is true for the mobility aspect, too.

AI market is going to be one of the most significant growth drivers in the following years, and it’s clear that the silicon triumvirate is adopting its methods to focus heavily on AI.

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