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KeepTruckin Launches More Efficient Fleet Management Devices

Fleet control technology provider KeepTruckin today continued to leverage its deep venture capital funding by introducing two hardware devices it says can help truck fleets to maximize their income and reduce operational costs.

The company revealed an “asset gateway” that mounts to the outside of cargo trailers to provide better visibility into equipment and assets and a dual-facing “smart dashcam” that links to a vehicle’s windshield to help monitor and cut back driver risks.

The products are the latest launches from San Francisco stationed KeepTruckin since it landed a huge, $149 million funding in April from a group of venture capital companies including Google Ventures. At the time, KeepTruckin stated it might use the funds to speed up the development of its “Smart Load Board” online freight-matching device. The company’s overall platform connects automobiles, drivers, and fleet administrators through products such as electronic logging devices (ELDs), an electronic logbook app for smartphones, and an App Marketplace.

Last month, KeepTruckin rolled out a “Facility Insights” software tool that lets carriers predict dwell times at warehouses before accepting a load, to allow them to minimize the “unnecessary expense” of lengthy confinement times.

The new hardware tools may help provide context for the large data units now being generated by smart gadgets inside and outside of the cab, Jai Ranganathan, KeepTruckin’s VP of Product, mentioned in a press release.

The asset gateway streamlines trailer dispatch by automatically pulling location reports on all of an organization’s assets. Utilizing a solar-powered battery, the device logs the global positioning system (GPS) data every minute and sends that information to the KeepTruckin Dashboard every five minutes, the firm stated.

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