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MetallicGear Announces Launch of Budget Oriented NEO QUBE Chassis

MetallicGear has declared the launch of its latest budget-oriented, Phanteks powered case, the NEO Qube. Launching at $100 / £90 for both the black and white variants, this twin compartment cube chassis packs in a lot of worth for the cash.MetallicGear Announces Launch of Budget Oriented NEO QUBE Chassis

Despite the fact it’s closely inspired by two very notable predecessors, the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic and Corsair’s Carbide Air 740 Dice case, there’s a bit more happening than meets the eye.

The NEO Qube presents a spacious dual-chamber setup, letting users separate a great deal of the hardware into two separate compartments improving inner temperatures and airflow in the process.

MetallicGear’s placing a lot of stress on the Qube’s ability to support dual systems from the outset.

The second system, an ITX setup in the rear of the chassis that supports half-height PCIe add-in cards, is aimed toward those streamers and content creators who’d choose to let a second processor address the encoding and storage aspect of their work, and users won’t need any additional brackets from the outset, which is where the corporate is attempting to differentiate itself from the PC-O11.

As for the overall structure, it’s a mid-tower chassis built from pressed steel and tempered glass, complete with D-RGB lighting alongside the front of the case, and some critically hefty support for liquid-cooling too.

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