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MyMilk Labs Reveals Small Sensor Mylee That Analyses Breast Milk

Many expectant mothers are advised that breastfeeding will come naturally, however, it’s often a fraught and confusing experience, mainly during the first few weeks after birth. Parents usually worry about if their babies are getting enough diet or if they’re producing enough milk. MyMilk Labs wants to give nursing mothers extra info with Mylee, a sensor that scans a few drops of breast milk to get details about its composition and connects to a mobile app. The Israel-based firm introduced today at Disrupt Battlefield as one of two wild card opponents picked from Startup Alley.

The Mylee revealed at Disrupt with a pre-order price of $249. Based in Israel, MyMilk Labs was started in 2014 by Sharon Haramati and Ravid Schecter, who met while working on PhDs in neurobiology and neuroimmunology, respectively, at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Schecter stated the gadget is supposed to give mothers and lactation consultants objective details about breast milk.

Breast milk alters in the initial days and weeks after birth, progressing from colostrum to mature milk. Mylee scans the electrochemical properties of milk after which correlates that to information factors based on MyMilk Labs’ research to calculate where the pattern is on the continuum, then tells moms if their milk is “delayed” or “advanced,” comparable to the time that has passed since they gave birth.

The gadget’s first model is currently in a beta pilot with lactation consultants who’ve used them to scan milk samples from 500 moms.

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