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New Website from Apple Shows Drastic Impact of Coronavirus on Movement

Apple has introduced a new website that shows through striking graphs how the coronavirus pandemic has slammed the brakes on life around the world.

New Website from Apple Shows Drastic Impact of Coronavirus on Movement

The tool visualizes the movement of individuals in dozens of major cities and nations worldwide based on the number of requests made for directions on Apple Maps since January 13.

It exhibits the dramatic plunge in the number of customers driving, strolling, or taking public transit as governments around the globe implemented more and more stringent containment measures to stop the spread of the lethal virus.

Apple said Tuesday that the objective of the new website was to help global efforts to try to cease the spread of COVID-19 by giving insights into the movement of individuals to governments and health authorities.

Hong Kong and Seoul, among the first locations hit by the virus after it emerged in mainland China, saw mobility numbers fall by as much as 60% from the second half of January.

In the weeks that followed, the disease marched into Europe and North America, and the Apple data show the extreme impact on the movement in these regions.

Rome saw a staggering drop in mobility numbers – over 90% – beginning early March. London followed within a few weeks with a decline in transit figures of nearly 90%.

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